About Us

Teema Bar international trading & forwardinannual-meeting-01g company is a well known institution since its establishment in 1992 and over the years has grown into a global company across the world.Being involved in trade and forwarding business,our company has maintained close contacts and cooperation with the world class entities, the most to name, The World Bank group on their Doing Business Project since 2005.Our market knowledge , technical expertise and effective communication in the fields of trade and forwarding, have developed our principle of adding value to our customers trade in all aspects of business,mainly in petrochemicals and iron & steel trade and forwarding of the said products.We provide a complete range of services starting by sourcing,acquiring, transporting and finally delivery of the product to the customer. In other word, our company perform all aspects of import and export from its A to its Z.

Products and services:

Teema Bar offers a full range of trading and the related services.Our core trade is selling and buying of petrochemicals and iron & steel products.Trade related services include but not limited to logistics, trade financing and risk management.